Ours Services

Imagine running a business where you need to keep track of all your customers, their needs, preferences, and the history of your interactions with them, all without a platform to help you.

This can become quite complex, especially as the business expands. At Apex Infinity Solutions, we can assist you in implementing a Salesforce cloud to organise this information and utilise it effectively, enhancing customer relationships and streamlining operations.

Breakdown of Services:

Custom Software Solutions

We implement Salesforce software to meet the unique needs of each business. This software helps businesses organise customer information, track sales, and manage business processes all in one place. This means your business can better understand their customers and provide a more personalised service. 

Expert Advise & Guidance

We offer consulting services where our experts provide advice on how to best use the tools. They help businesses figure out the most efficient ways to manage their customer data and optimise processes.

Implementation and Setup

Setting up such comprehensive systems can be challenging. We take care of the entire setup process, ensuring everything is configured correctly and works smoothly from the start. We integrate these systems into the existing operations of your business with minimal disruption.

Data Transfer

If your business is moving from an old system to Salesforce, we can handle the transfer of all important data. This ensures that no valuable information is lost, and the new system starts with all the data needed in place.

Ongoing Support

Once the system is up and running, we’ll offer continuous support. If there are any issues or the business needs help using the software, we provide technical assistance to resolve problems quickly.


We also offer training for business teams to ensure they know how to use the new tools effectively. This helps your business make the most of the software and improves overall efficiency.

At Apex Infinity Solutions, we help your business organise its customer information, enhance service, and operate more efficiently by customising Salesforce. We provide expert advice, comprehensive setup, data transfer, ongoing support, and training.